key [1] NOUN (pl. keys) 1) a small piece of shaped metal which is inserted into a lock and rotated to open or close it. 2) an instrument for grasping and turning a screw, peg, or nut. 3) a lever depressed by the finger in playing an instrument such as the organ, piano, or flute. 4) each of several buttons on a panel for operating a typewriter or computer terminal. 5) a lever operating a mechanical device for making or breaking an electric circuit. 6) a thing providing access or understanding: a key to success. 7) an explanatory list of symbols used in a map or table. 8) a word or system for solving a cipher or code. 9) Music a group of notes based on a particular note and comprising a scale. 10) roughness on a surface, provided to assist adhesion of plaster or other material. 11) the dry winged fruit of an ash, maple, or sycamore.
ADJECTIVE of crucial importance: a key figure.
VERB (keys, keyed) 1) enter or operate on (data) by means of a computer keyboard. 2) (be keyed up) be nervous, tense, or excited. 3) (key into/in with) be connected or in harmony with.
DERIVATIVES keyed adjective.
ORIGIN Old English.
key [2] NOUN a low-lying island or reef, especially in the Caribbean.
ORIGIN Spanish cayo 'reef' .

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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